Sunday, July 18, 2010


After Prague, Kendra and I headed accross the length of Germany and crossed into France for our visit to Strasbourg to see our dear friend Faith Collins. We had to change trains 5 times, but everything went so smoothly! One train was significantly delayed so we got there late, but we had nice seats and easy transitions, praise the Lord. Strasbourg is a beautiful city! And even though we were right on the border with Germany, we definitely felt like we were in France.

Faith is a law student at Regent University, and I am proud to be friends with such a dedicated and passionate student who I know will be used mightily for justice in this world. She is doing two summer programs abroad this summer--she just finished one in Israel and now is in Strasbourg. It was exciting to catch up and hear all that God is doing in Faith's life. It is clear that the favor of the Lord rests upon her. It was also a relaxing time. We were only there for a few days, but they were so wonderful.

One day we got to go to Faith's classes with her--my day in Law School! I really enjoyed that. Most of you know what a nerd I am and how much I LOVE school and learning. We got to sit through a class with the former U.S.A. Attorney General and Missouri state Governeor, John Ashcroft. Then we got to hear from a guest lecturer, a magistrate from Italy who has been the cheif counsel on an important case regarding religous expression in Italy. And then we got to hear from another great professor whose name I can't remember at the moment. It was really fascinating and i felt good whenever I was able to follow along somewhat.

We spent some of the time just walking around a bit and seeing the town. It was really enjoyable. I love seeing cathedrals and so enjoyed walking in and looking at everything. We also greatly enjoyed our pastry's from the famous Paul's bakery.

We really enjoyed hanging around the courtyard of the dorm and getting to know the other students, most from Regent, others from Liberty, Ave Maria, and other Christian universities. It really felt like an open door from the Lord to be able to share some of my heart and the things the Lord has been speaking to me so recently. The timing was amazing. I love meeting other believers who are pursing what God has placed on their hearts. We can be such a mutual blessing to one-another. And it was a great privalege for us to be able to answer some of their questions regarding the Holy Spirit, Israel, and Church unity. And I was blessed to see people working so hard and really giving their lives for something greater.
All in all, our time in France was tres magnifique.

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