Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting old? Cool.

I thought I had arrived at the age in which you no longer enjoy getting older, but for some strange reason I still do. It doesn't bother me that I've now entered my "late" twenties. I look at my life and feel thankful at everything the Lord has allowed me to do, to be a part of, to experience. Growing older simply feels like maturing more into who I was meant to be. And maturing does not mean becoming boring: it takes maturity to truly be child-like because you maintain who you are while being lost in the freedom, trust, and joy of a child. It is the childish who always want to act older or  younger than they are. It is the child-like who don't give thought to their age but just be--just play, just think, just act, just be sincere. Here's to 27: may it be a year of learning to walk more and more as both a child and a woman of God.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear Readers,

Dear Readers,
I never really thought I had any readers. I am only recently discovering that there are a few of you out there. I just wanted to say thanks--thank you for stopping by! Seeing how a blog is supposedly an "online journal" (I think), mine has been quite random. I don't think that will change; nevertheless, I am remembering my original purpose for this particular blog. I titled it "Hidden Royalty" because I really wanted to write to inspire and encourage people to discover the greatest and truest identity for which they were created and designed. No matter what you are doing and how you are living, no matter if you feel you are lacking or you feel on top of the world, you were meant for more--for even more! Let's think about that today and let's turn to the One who really does know our potential.
Wow, and I am going to go celebrate the fact that I just wrote a blog that actually said something and was also short, hooray for me! I'm in the process too.