Sunday, July 4, 2010


On Thursday Sister Mary Paul took Kendra and I to Vienna for a personal tour. Vienna is such a beautiful city and we had a fabulous day. Here are some pictures of our day. I think our highlights were the beautiful architechture of course, the amazing national library, and the Belvedere palace. The palace is also a huge art museum and we spent all afternoon appreciating the works of Gustav Klimt (including his famous "The Kiss"), Monet, and countless others. I'm sure Kendra could give a much more in depth and sophisticated list. I can't post any pictures from inside the palace because pictures were not allowed, but you can visit the website at We ended our day with some authentic Austrian food in a non-touristy little cafe. Somehow, the authentic food and cafe reminded us of Missouri--strange, I know. Perhaps the best part of the day was simply spending time with Sister Mary Paul, hearing her story and the beautiful things the Lord has placed in her heart. All in all, it was a day to remember. Thank you Lord; You are so kind to your children.
St. Steven's church
The fanciest Burger King I've ever been to
The opera house
The National Library!
Belvedere Palace
Johan Strauss and me

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