Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A heavy atmosphere of dull repression furiously chases a generation. Snarls of offense and anger snap at a people hurting and lonely. Apathy is injected like numbing poison until youth is melted into dreary existence. No one knows they are being spun into the web of disbelief and shame.
Light breaks forth, a piercing and burning flame. Redemption, love, and holy fire illuminating hearts again. The weary mentality of survival is confronted by the radiance of life. Hopelessness accosted by the sacrifice of love. Depression cannot tame it; Hate cannot destroy it; Envy cannot quench it; Darkness cannot consume it. Day is breaking forth and the sons of light are being revealed.

You sons of light have been pierced with life and set free into grace. New life has morphed your aching frame to living beauty resonating through the corridors of eternity. You have turned your face to the Beautiful One and you have been given His image once again.

You now set your gaze like flint, no turning can be spared. New garments fall over you as you rise higher through the air. The heavy darkness is cast off—and flees as you rejoice. You are more than holy; you are an army demolishing despair. Raiders of the darkness, your flame rushes forth fearless of the night. You bring the higher way.

Where there is loneliness, you reach out your hand in love. Where there is hopelessness and despair, you don’t hold back the word of life. Where there is pain and sickness, you heal in His Holy name. Where there is dark depression, freedom and love you proclaim. No longer consumed with your own despair, you are rising higher. No longer immobilized by fear and introspection, your head is lifted up. And as you rise and elevate, the King of Glory comes. He comes and draws you higher until you are transformed and then releases you with fire to shake the very earth.

You are the burning ones. Keep gazing into Love. The world around you is waiting for the brilliance of your light. And every work of darkness trembles when you rise up and say that greater is He that is in you than he that imitates. There is no god but Jehovah, and He is the King of Glory. Elevate your gaze. Make a way for Him.