Sunday, August 1, 2010

Berlin and Baby

I have gotten a bit behind on the blog. When you are travelling from place to place, writing a blog seems like it will take up all your time in that place. I guess I'm just making excuses though. I must say that the rest of my time with Kendra was just so special. I am so thankful that she got to see places in Germany that are so special to me. I am glad I got to share that with a family member. Our time in Berlin was doubly special because we got to be with my dear dear friend since 10th grade, Bethany Lankenau and her precious new baby, the lovely Lily. Matt was away in Romania preaching up a storm so Kendra and I stayed with Beth and Lily and helped them beat the heat.
There was definitely a heat wave in Berlin and it felt like Texas, only without the air conditioner. It was great having a Starbucks down the road though with air con and free wifi, oh yeah. Kendra and I experiemented and became champs at making the cheapest drinks really yummy. That's the great thing about coffee. It doesn't have to be fancy to be good.
This was my first visit to Berlin with Bethany not working and it was soooooo wonderful to spend all that time with her! I am so extremely proud of my friend. She is a missionary, living in a new place surrounded by a new language. She walks up and down 4 flights of stairs every time she has to take the dog out or go to the store. She is a wonderful mother. Kendra and I loved watching her talk to Lily.
Lily is a doll, such a beautiful baby. She was really taken with Kendra and was always looking at her. It was so cute. She was cooing and smiling all the time, and she looooves her mommy.
The main jist of our time in Berlin was just hanging out. Old friends, cool city, cozy apartment. We did get out and see a bit, but our favorite thing was definitely just talking with each other. Kendra did get the amazing opportunity to go to museums for three days in a row. They have an amazing student discount, just fyi. I went to one museum on the first day and loved it. I really love seeing art and history. I feel like I have had so many "cultured" moments with Kendra, she's so great.

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