Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Apprenticeship continued...and a Christmas carol sing

Well, the apprenticeship has coninued. After many weeks of meeting together and working our our Herrnhuter stars, this week most of our group finished theirs...hooray! Unfortunately I am way behind. As you will see in the pictures, as the others are putting on the finishing touches, I am still folding and gluing my points together. That's ok though. I have had so much fun just sitting and working together getting in the Christmas spirit. I am amazed at how everyone's stars are turning out, so beautiful! I hope mine will work out in the end as well.

I also threw in some pictures from our carol sing last week. That was my first time to be invited to a party all about singing carols and hymns together. And let me tell you, it was Totally my thing!! I loved it of course. That's what I call Christmas spirit.