Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My first week in Germany--time with my German family

Beyond expectation and hope, I arrived in Germany to a welcome of such warmth and love that I could physically feel God smiling. I spent the first almost two weeks with dear friends in the Erzgebirge (the Ore Mountains) before joining my team in Herrnhut on September 13th. I stayed with my friend Katharina and enjoyed some quality time with what I truly feel is my German family. This time was a gift of God to restore my soul in a place of peace and beauty.

My friend and her sister both work during the days, so it was a perfect opportunity for me to spend some quality time with the Lord in the midst of His majestic creation (their house is in a beautiful valley surrounded by national forest. Their family has classical music on much of the time, so I was also inspired to spend a lot of time playing the violin. I also had meals with her parents and went on walks with her mom. These were some of my favorite moments because I got to practice a lot of German, and because I grew even closer to this amazing couple who have so lovingly extended their family to me and drawn me in to feel at home in Deutschland.

This was just one aspect of what made this time so great. I also got to see another favorite family of mine, the Mehner's.  I had so much fun visiting the fish farm of my friends' father and received my most unique gift as of yet--a delicous smoked trout to take home and enjoy. I had so much fun with Kristina looking at the sheep and walking all around. I also enjoyed visiting the young adults group and reconnecting with people I have met over the last few years.

The best part was that I did not plan any of this, but the Lord planned it for me. It was a gift from my Father for this specific time of transition in my life, and I am so thankful. Below are a few more pictures of my time in the Erzgebirge.


carolbbickers said...

I really enjoyed this. Thank you, Hannah, for keeping me updated.

MRB78 said...

Hannah, the scenery is like nothing Ive seen before. Breathtaking. I was so glad to see your email, I have been wondering how youve been.