Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Little Local Culture: the Apprenticeship

So recently I have been able to immerse myself in a little local culture here in Herrnhut. I am über excited about taking opportunities to appreciate the many wonderful traditions of my new home, especially those related to this holiday season of cheer!

Apprenticeship in crafting hand-made Herrnhuter/Moravian stars:
Our dear friend and native Herrnhuter, Barbara Haupt has graciously offered to teach us the very special and unique skill of building these stars from scratch. It may sound like a nice little craft; but let me tell you, this is no small task.

First of all, the usual stars that are manufactured here in Herrnhut have 25 points. (These are beautiful. My family has one and we hung it up last year in Texas during Christmas and LOVED it.) We, however, are jumping straight in to the deep end by making stars with 50 points!! This is a multi-week project, and we are hoping to finish before Christmas :).

I'll let you know how the progress goes. We began the first week by cutting out, folding, and gluing our round base.

Week 2 in star-crafting:
Last week, the fun continued as we moved on from the round bases to the actual points--well, almost. We actually learned how to use the pattern to cut out and crease the paper for the points and prepare the tabs for glue. Most of us only just got started on the cutting and have quite a ways to go yet.

Precision is key because each paper has to fold into a point and have tabs at the bottom for the glue. This was my challenge, I kept tearing the tabs as I was trying to cut them. I would cut out a perfect point and then ruin it in the end after tearing off the glue tabs by accident. I got the hang of it though.

Now I need to finish cutting out all 50 pieces so that next week hopefully I can start the folding and gluing process. We shall see! I am going to be so proud of my very own hand-crafted-by-moi star.

Filen Dank Reinhold unt Barbara!

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