Wednesday, November 19, 2008

sleeping in

Sleeping in on my day off--good idea or bad idea? I can't decide. When I am in bed I think it is a lovely and grand idea. But when I get up and think how short my day will be, I think it was a bad idea. I didn't sleep in that late, only kinda late, so I think I can call it a comfortable compromise.


bullets said...

definitely not a good idea even though all of your contemporaries will comment on how brilliant it could be. if your the kinda person who wishes you had that time back...DON'T do it.

Hannah B. said...

Thanks Zach. I appreciate the advice. I mean, really, it's not like I'm still pulling all-nighters and have tons of sleep I need to catch up on. I'm not suffering by any means in that department. I do work hard when I'm awake but I don't think that mean I need to sleep forever.