Tuesday, October 20, 2009

cooking, creating, laughing

So I just had my birthday on Sunday and I must say it was one of my favorites. My family and just a few friends got together and we had a make your own pizza party. Even though I was standing in the kitchen for hours making pizza dough, I was enjoyin myself so much. I loved seeing everyone's individuality and creativity come out as they decorated their perfect pizza. I loved how much thought my brother Josh put into tasting and judging each creation, being sure to comment on each one. It is so fun to make a nice meal for people, but it was a blast cooking together. I think kitchen memories are often the fondest memories. I love how we can come together and enjoy each other's company over food. And now I think of the holidays coming and I get very warm and fuzzy. Rather than focusing our efforts on creating the perfect meal to impress people, maybe we can just have fun and spend some time together in the kitchen as well as at the table. Just a thought

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